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Create Magical Customer Service Experiences with Dennis Snow

Based on his 20 years with the Walt Disney World Company along with many years of consulting with organizations around the world, Dennis Snow personally trains you and your organization on how to deliver world-class customer service. Using engaging and interactive virtual training sessions, you and your team will develop the skills for creating “walk through fire” customer loyalty.

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Lessons from the Mouse:
A Guide for Applying Disney World’s Secrets of Success to Your Organization, Your Career, and Your Life.

What can you learn from a mouse? When that mouse has been delighting hundreds of millions of people for decades, it turns out that there are some lessons that can be applied by any organization, as well as any individual within the organization. This highly interactive virtual training pulls back the curtain and reveals the core values Disney World expects each of their over sixty-thousand “cast members” to live every day, and how those principles can be implemented in your organization.

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Course Outline

Learn how “Lessons From the Mouse” can bring Disney’s secrets of service success to you and your organization.

About Dennis Snow

Dennis has a passion for service excellence and has consulted with organizations around the world on the subject. His customer service abilities were born and developed over 20 years with The Walt Disney World Company. In his last year with Walt Disney World, Dennis’ leadership performance was ranked in the top 3% of the company’s leadership team. Dennis, now a full-time speaker, trainer, and consultant is dedicated to helping organizations achieve their goals in the areas of customer service, employee development, and leadership. He is the author of two best-selling business books, “Lessons from the Mouse,” and “Unleashing Excellence.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from these courses?

These courses are designed for people experienced in dealing with customers as well as those new to the role. Anyone who serves customers in any capacity in an organization of any size will be able to apply the principles taught.

How long will it take to complete the courses?

Each course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. The time to complete all of the courses, however, depends on your timeframe. If you are in charge of your own time you can set the pace. If your employees are taking the courses, you can set specific deadlines.

My employees mainly support other employees. Do these courses deal with internal customer service?

Everyone has a customer, and often the customer is someone else in the organization. The service principles apply whether serving internal or external customers.

We want to create a customer service component for new-hire orientation. Will the material do the job?

These principles provide a powerful customer service foundation for newly hired employees. Using these courses for new-hire orientation assures you of a consistent message being delivered whenever someone joins your organization.

I’m a one-person operation. Will I benefit from these courses?

Absolutely. While these principles have been implemented by organizations with tens of thousands of employees, they have also been implemented by “mom & pop” and single person operations.

I plan to have my employees take the courses. How will I know their progress?

If you are in a leadership role, you will have a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to see how each employee is progressing through the material. You will also be able to check comprehension based on how well the employee does on the quizzes taken throughout the program. This will help you guide and coach them.

What if my company’s primary contact with customers is electronic (phone, email, etc.) – will this information still apply?

Yes. In today’s multi-channel customer service environment, many people interact with customers from a distance and in a variety of formats. The principles presented in the courses apply no matter the form of contact.

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See What Our Customers Are Saying

Hospitality is not a program, but a culture and a way of life created by leadership. Dennis Snow has taken the basic operating principles learned during his time with Disney and has put them in a format that is entertaining, easy to follow and practical for every position in our company. Whether it is our newest crew member or the manager who has been with us since the inception of the company, these Lessons speak to everyone. These real life applicable lessons are fun and engaging. We encourage leadership to go through the courses first. It will help you see your business in a whole different light.

When we heard Dennis talk about the principles outlined in his book, we knew it was something we just had to invest in. We have been using these Lessons for well over a year now. Over 70% of our guests are telling us that they are Highly Satisfied with the Friendliness of Our Staff in reports generated directly from their responses. We have had several of our units recognized. Peet’s at Hobby Airport received the Houston Friendly Award for outstanding hospitality and both Subway and Peet’s at DFW Airport were recognized with the Best Customer Service Awards last year. Our Wendy’s restaurants are continuing to see 98-100% on audits directly related to our People and Hospitality.

If you are a company, large or small, striving to be the best in the industry, we highly recommend Lessons From the Mouse.


Dennis truly inspired lasting change on my team and has renewed our outlook on customer service.


You are definitely loved by this company and your words are taken to heart. Thank you for helping us get across the message of service excellence to The UPS Store Network.


Built on the foundation of Dennis Snow’s teachings, our Customer Service First culture is present in all aspects of our business. Every employee strives to create WOW moments for our customers and co-workers.


Dennis’ foundational training, tools, and framework has helped us create the structure and expectations needed to implement and sustain a global customer focused culture with over forty thousand employees in over one hundred countries and territories world wide.


Dennis’ customer service content excited our organization and gave us the momentum to truly change the delivery of health care in Illinois.


Just wanted to let you know you knocked it out of the park again. There’s a great buzz going around today. Everyone is talking about various topics, and how your lessons can relate to what we do.


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